• Nihilism

    In the phraseology of every epoch there is that one umbrella term with its multiplicity of meanings that grasps not a single tangible truth about our life as it is. Ours is Nihilism. A Nihilist is supposedly a person who believes that our life has no substance, and that as such it has no meaning. Therefore, the existence itself corresponds to “nothingness”. It seems that the subtle art of anthropomorphism has only one tendency - to become even subtler. Alas, this too is another rhetorical swindle deployed by the human ego. Here is rather well demonstrated human habit to forget that concepts are merely there to describe reality, but that they are not the reality itself.

  • Chaos and Order

    This post has been originally published as a polemic. For personal reasons, all polemical parts have been edited out, and the title has been altered.

    To mortal beings, immortality is preferable to death, chaos is perceived as existentially threatening, and the belief in the existence of free will is the only way by which they can put themselves at the center of the universal order. This, while in itself a simple existential matter, proves nothing about our real universe and our real life.

  • Neo-Paganism As An Idée Fixe

    “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster” - Few have attempted to consider the implications of this ancient wisdom on the faculties of their own person, apart from its mere intellectual acknowledgment. Most people bow to the necessities and logic of the unconscious, no matter how much integrity they believe to retain in their strivings. After all, it works in such a way as to provide individuals with all the evidence of their sole responsibility for their convictions. The unconscious rules with a firm hand and pits one force against the other, leaving the unsuspecting subjects to their own illusion of sovereignty. In their deficient understanding of the occult principles they can only concede that their physical natures are affected by the greater laws of life, but earnestly admitting not that their psychical and intellectual lives are also a part of this self-serving scheme.

  • Susceptibility To Impression

    During the Second World War, German-occupied Poland was subjected to an unprecedented campaign of deliberate cultural destruction and suppression of all national life. Similar attempts to reduce the conquered lands to the level of barbarity was previously seen perhaps only in the Mongolian invasions or in the Ottoman conquests of the Balkans, the latter allowing their conquered subjects only the most primitive form of sustenance and virtually no way to pursue their own identity other than what survived in the form of folklore and religious traditions. But in the case of Germany, such policy was a product of informed intent according to which the ultimate goal was a complete annihilation of the conquered populations regardless of their dispositions. This is the essence of the petty chauvinist and “tribalist” thinking where no differentiation in rank exists, other than “us” and “them”.

  • Danse Macabre

    These verses form the backdrop of a story of the Dylan Dog comic book series titled “Totentanz” or “La Danza Della Morte” in the original Italian, and were written by the original author of the series, Tiziano Sclavi. This comic book is not too well known in the Anglophone world. The verses were rendered into English from the Serbo-Croatian adaptation.

    Many, many are graves that lie on the hill,
    As many as the dead souls sleeping there still.
    And how good does it feel, now having reached the end,
    To think once again of that most wondrous land.

  • Craving

    Can any of the following be the object of craving: Moral Universe, above, bellow, Divine Order, beauty, The Truth? Can one crave for achieving liberation, and if so, how has he become possessed with such idea in the first place? Did it happen upon learning of his captivity? Did one submit to the Moral Universe, or does he control the Moral Universe?

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